Hey there! At every session, I take these little videos. I am also a videographer at heart, and having videos that match photos at an elopement or engagement session helps the pictures COME ALIVE. You get to see your love in MOTION. You get to see the way you look at your love. You get to have a story of your special day or our adventure. You can post it on instagram, show your friends or keep it to yourself, saved on your phone to watch when you're having a bad day. Photos are obviously majorly important, but in my opinion, nothing will bring you back to a specific moment like actually watching it unfold. You get to relive some special moments with your love whenever you want, always having a tool that can bring you back to an amazing day and remind you how special your love and your unique relationship are. That's really why I create for you. I want you to be able to remember how GOOD your love is during the HARD times. I want you to have an opportunity to be your silly selves and have that be captured. I want you to have memories of what you looked like when you were just "babies" in love. (I swear, I show someone their video a year later and they say "Oh my god, we look like such babies!) But I want you to have the opportunity to have that passion, love and goofiness captured. And I want you to have pictures. And I want you to have a video. And that's why I make these.