Why I'm Not Just Another Vendor

As you begin the process of wedding planning, you may question why certain wedding vendors charge what they do, and why they are worth investing in. The value of your wedding photographer is so much more than your gallery of photos that you receive after the big day. Before you hire someone to capture these precious moments, you should understand exactly what you're investing in and why your wedding photographer is so much more than just another vendor!

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1. We're going to spend a LOT of time together

When you think about your wedding, you probably imagine yourself spending your time with friends, family and obviously your new spouse! BUT, there is someone that you actually hang out with the MOST, and that's ME, your photographer. Hiiiiiiiiiiii! From the preparation to the big exit, I am with you every step of the way, capturing your memories as they speed by you!

When you start looking for photographers, you should keep in mind that it is just as import to CLICK with them as it is to love what they click (their photos. Was that clever?)! Aside from the big day, you actually spend more time with your photographer than any of your other vendors! I want to make sure that we get along, and if you share the same love for dogs and The Office that I do, all the better! If I'm able to make you laugh at my cringey puns and get you excited and inspired for your photos, then you are my kind of people. I want to make sure that you actually like hanging out with me, that way all of the time we spend together on the big day will be comfortable and enjoyable! 


2. You've got to trust me

Besides just liking me, you've got to TRUST me. Putting your trust in me is way more than just knowing that I'll arrive at your big day on time or deliver the photos that I took. Its also important to trust my process. If you trust your photographer, you won't give them a shot list, you'll trust that they know that you want photos of your first dance or your husband's face when you walk down the aisle! Trust that they will capture all of the shots that are on every shot list, and also capture the stuff that you really care about! Like the authentic, unscripted moments that are specific to you and your special day. 

So this is probably the first wedding that you've ever planned, right? Well, I have shot over 150 weddings, and I know a few things about what to expect and I can HELP YOU! Seriously! I can be your biggest advocate throughout the wedding planning process! Listen to my suggestions when it comes to your wedding timeline and I can get you the BEST photos in the BEST light without you feeling stressed or overwhelmed. I want you have have time to relax, enjoy yourself, and also ENJOY taking the photos! That way, you will look like your best self in all of the images! 


3. Let's Connect!

Along with trust comes connection. All those intimate photos that caught your eye on my instagram don't just happen! When we have a deeper connection, I'll be able to capture intimate moments on your wedding day because you will allow those moments to happen in front of me. I want to be able to capture your beautiful day to my best ability, and when we have an emotional connection I can understand the special love that you guys share, and be able to capture your own unique relationship! Getting along with all of your other wonderful vendors is important, but the connection that you share with your photographer is unlike any other! 

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4. The value of my work lasts much longer than one day

Besides the few iphone photos your friends will post on instagram, my images are all that you will have to remember your big day by! Regardless of how much you spend on the good, flowers or decor, the only thing that you get to KEEP are your wedding photos. I am able to give you what the other vendors can't, and that in why investing in a photographer whose work you love and who you want to hang out with in real life is totally worth it! 

When you look at your wedding album, I want you to be able to relive it all. The song that played at you and your partner danced for the FIRST TIME as a married couple. The look your bridesmaids gave you when they saw you in your dress for the first time. And the tears in your eyes as your new spouse spoke their vows aloud to you at the alter. 

If my work resonates with you, and you think we'd click in person, hit me up! I'd love to be friends and capture your special memories!