William and Mary University Elopement Photographers

Nikki and Chris eloped at William And Mary University. They celebrated their love at the place that they met years before. When they first met that night at a party, they had no idea that a drunken kiss would lead them to their partner for the rest of their lives! Their wedding day started out bright and sunny, and we were all sweating and thankful for air conditioning, but RIGHT as we were about let the bride and groom see each other for the first time, it began to POUR! We were still able to do the first look inside of a beautiful old building though, and it was so gorgeous. Nikki gifted Chris a beautiful watch, and I swear he almost teared up. Also she surprised him by wearing a long, white dress instead of the shorter cocktail dress she said that she was wearing! Their ceremony was beautiful, and took place in a super old chapel on the campus. The priest actually allowed them to use REAL candles even though the chapel has burnt down like six times in the last hundred years. So it was a pretty cool deal. After the ceremony, their families headed over to get tacos, and we hung out in the rain on the campus. Nikki ditched the shoes and went barefoot (I don’t know how she didn’t get a cold from this!) Chris even carried Nikki through the woods when we got to a muddy spot! True love! We adventured through the woods and headed to this beautiful old bridge with an ancient story. The story goes that if you cross the bridge holding hands with your true love, you’ll be together forever! So obvs they had to. They had never crossed this bridge together before even though they both attended this school so this was such a special moment for them! After photos, we all headed to join their family for mexican food! Tons of tequila shots and nachos were consumed and it was the BEST night.

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