Iceland Horse Farm Elopement Photographer

Rebekka and Steinar met way back when they were 12 in Reykjavik, Iceland. They were in the same group of friends, and they "dated" for a while. But, like most 6th grade relationships do, it didn't last. Womp womp! They remained friends though, and continued to hang out in groups. (A little bit of a twelve year old "How I met your mother" situation, I guess) Many years later, in college, they reconnected and "just clicked again" as Rebekka said. Now they've been together for several years and have the cutest little baby together! They are SO freaking cute together, and love exploring Iceland together. Steinar's father owns an icelandic horse farm, that Steinar was lucky enough to grow up on, and him and Rebekka love riding their horses around the huge farm. (#jealous) 

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I met up with Rebekka and Steinar at their Icelandic Horse farm. It was a crazy sunny day, (SO not like the weather we had experienced all week!) The sun actually made it pretty hot, and I didn't feel bad that Rebekka was in a dress! I got to meet their horses (Maua + Ash) and we led them to the back field where they often ride! The horses were SO good and cooperative and willingly let themselves be led all over the field, stealing bites of grass here and there. Steinar said that he had been riding his horse for many many years, and Rebekka began riding Maua when they first started dating. Rebekka said that when it gets warmer, they actually ride the horses into a nearby lake and go swimming with them which sounds like a total blast. 

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after exploring the back pasture for a while, Rebekka and Steinar led the horses to the pasture near the house to show me the hot springs. The tiny springs are actually the hot water supplier for the entire farm which I thought was SO cool. The ponies let them jump on bareback (which they were a little wary of) and we wandered around the field. When Steinar went to get back up on his pony though, Ash had had enough of that and he TOOK OFF across the pasture, dumping Steinar on the ground. He raced to the end of the field and ran back and forth, refusing to be caught. Eventually he settled down and we were able to catch him again after he threw his little tantrum. This was the MOST beautiful session and I was so excited to get to shoot these four cuties! 

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