Hey y'all! After a whirlwind trip to Sydney, I'm here to tell you all about it. BECAUSE Sydney is a freaking magical city and everyone should visit it at least ONCE in their lifetime. (Anyone want to go next week? Take me!) First of all, anyone who loves breakfast will LOVE this city. From Acai bowls to matcha waffles, they have got you COVERED. I discovered the Waffle of Dreams at Celcius Cafe,  and could literally eat this thing for breakfast EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. But since that isn't the best option for my notoriously high blood sugar, I branched out to many other equally sweet breakfast foods. (Don't judge me)

First up! Coogee beach. You can actually walk like 8 miles all of the way up to Bondi beach, but who has time for that?! We made it like a mile. Still gorgeous. Have you ever seen water that color?! Its unreal. 

Australia Day two -48.jpg
Australia Day two -34.jpg
Australia Day two -97.jpg
Australia Day two -65.jpg
Australia Day two -92.jpg

Next we headed to Sydney. We basically just wandered around the entire city, pointing out the Sydney Opera House from every view point. "Oh, look how different it looks from this angle! Wow." We took every opera-tunity to check out this strange building from all sides. (Yes, we even licked it for luck. That's a thing a local told us. So either we'll have a boost in good luck, or we starred in someone's story about the stupid tourists that he convinced to lick the filthy Opera House.) 

Australia -68.jpg
Australia -70.jpg
Australia -42.jpg
Australia -22.jpg
Australia -16.jpg
Australia -20.jpg

Bondi Beach. Literally the perfect beach. If this beach were a man, I would marry him on the spot and we would have the most beautiful, perfect children. But its not, its a beach. Even so, we still had some great times. (things got a little wet ;) ) If you want a GREAT breakfast, check out Speedos. (And NO, not the swimsuits, get your head out of the gutter!) The French Toast of Hope and Wonder was devoured here, (not its actual menu name), and I still have dreams about this fruity, flower-y, coconut-crusted toast. (Great, now I'm hungry.) Also check out Bondi Icebergs club for the coolest infinity pool swimming experience in all of life. Seriously all of it. 

Australia Day three-23.jpg
Australia Day three-29.jpg
Australia Day three-43.jpg
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Australia Day three-61.jpg
Australia Day three-48.jpg
Australia Day three-51.jpg
Australia Day three-5.jpg
Day 4 -14.jpg
Day 4 -5.jpg
Day 4 -6.jpg

Sydney from the sky! Since we didn't budget for a helicopter tour of the city, we headed to the Sydney eye, and scoped out the sights from above. Views for days! (I mean, I don't know. We weren't there for days. Only an hour or so. But still, it was an hour jam-packed with views!) 

Day 4 -34.jpg
Day 4 -25.jpg
Day 4 -32.jpg
Day 4 -19.jpg
Day 4 -57.jpg
Day 4 -42.jpg
Day 4 -66.jpg

And that's the end! My apologies for blocking all of the views with the back of my head....