Kauai Waimea Canyon Engagement Photographer

Anna and Noah met at a summer camp when they were in the last semester of high school. Anna had just moved to the island a year before, and they were both there counseling kids. Even though they didn't really talk the whole time the camp was running, they totally noticed each other from afar. It was one of those instant attraction things that couldn't be ignored.  Noah said he was definitely crushing on Anna first, but it wasn't long before she was head over heels for him as well. I mean, they're BOTH freakin adorable, so its easy to see why they're so into each other! His hilarious jokes and outgoing personality never disappointed to put a smile on her face, and he loves how she never fails to make him laugh as well. Their first date was, (in true Hawaii fashion) a day at the beach. They met on the beautiful North Shore of Kauai, and had a cute lunch together before spending the rest of the day just relaxing on the sand. Noah said that he knew after their second date that she was the girl for him, but he waited 2 months before getting the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. SO CUTE! I'm pretty jealous of that first date tbh, in seattle I NEVER go to the beach and especially not on date! 
So I met these guys at 5 in the morning on the south side of the island, and together we drove up the canyon in the dark. It was NO easy feat to wake up at FOUR AM, but I made it happen by setting TEN ALARMS. That was completely necessary. I didn't get up until the last one. Getting up is hard, guys...
We made it to the rim just as the sun was coming up. We ran up the grassy hill to the overlook, and were greeted with the most gorgeous view of the canyon. Waterfalls were reflecting rainbows, and the sun was making the whole canyon glow red. We ran around and played in the grass, enjoying the views below! Thank GOD, it was one of the only days I was in hawaii that we got a sunrise. Apparently March is the wettest month of the year and there had been three weeks straight of POURING rain. So we lucked out. Hanging out with these guys was the funnest morning, and I'm so happy I got to meet them!

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