Columbia River Gorge Oregon Elopement

The weather was on our side as we made our way to a popular hike on a busy weekend. The dark, foreboding clouds chased tourists back to their cars as we pulled into the parking lot. The rain soon began, heavy at first, but then lightened up. We hiked on the Bridal Veil Falls path until we saw the river, and then we stopped and they got ready. I love it when brides and grooms get ready together. Its so special to me that both people are preparing each other for the ceremony, just like you both have been preparing each other for marriage. Its been a journey that you both have helped the other through, and it makes sense to me that this part be done together as well. Plus, it makes for the cutest photos and memories. How many other people can say that they helped their partner get ready for their wedding in the woods?! 
We set up our makeshift ceremony site in a small field, and Eli's face shown as Andrea walked down the aisle (field) to him. Her bouquet was entirely greenery, full of vines and various leafy plants. Andrea + Eli said their vows to each other as a soft rain fell from the sky. The Columbia River whispered behind them, and we all stood on soft moss.

(Check out a quick highlight video)

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Eli included this sweet poem in his vows: 
A drop of rain  
Fell blue, your eye. 
Then another.  

Hair, lips, scent, touch
Falling drops
Mind, word, laugh, love.  

Drops pool and steam
Then race
But commonplace
Water running along the ground. 
Until the edge  

The river does not fear the falls
A stunning moment, perpetual
Drops falling still
A frenzied white, a bridal veil  

Drops wash dirt
Smooth hard rock
Dig down to a core
I’ve never felt this way before

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After the ceremony, we finished the hike to the waterfall, and it was INSANE. It was actually two waterfalls, one cascading into the other, and we all stood in awe of the beauty of it. We scrambled onto a large rock (How Andrea did it with her wedding dress, I am not sure!), and took in the falls from our elevated position. We got SOAKED by the spray of the waterfall, but it was amazing being so close to the fall, and having such a good view of the pool below. After the hike, the sun peeked out of the clouds. The rain stopped right as we reached the parking lot and hugged goodbye.

columbia river gorge elopement by BreeAnna Lasher