How to Elope in Iceland

Okay guys, have we all seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? How much did you want to go to Iceland after seeing that movie? SO MUCH, right? Me too. Iceland, often called ‘the Land of Fire and Ice’, is literally one of the most gorgeous places that I have ever been to, and I can’t think of a more adventurous place to elope. It has GORGEOUS waterfalls, breathtaking coastlines, stunning iceberg lagoons and amazing northern lights. PLUS I have been able to get super cheap flights to there from all over the US. Iceland is one of my favorite places in the world, and is the perfect place for an adventurous couple to exchange vows.

But before you run off to Iceland, you should be know a few things about this magical land so you can be prepared. I would love to give you some tips about this country that I love so you can have the best Iceland elopement ever!

6 tips for eloping in iceland

#1 You are going to get dirty

Okay guys, this country get A LOT of rain. Like a lot. And its covered in BLACK sand. So please don’t hold any fantasy that you can explore here in a wedding dress and stay completely clean. EMBRACE the ombre of dirt that will color the bottom of your dress! (A look, I am OBSESSED with). So many times the best views are found far from the parking lot or any paved roads and you don’t want to miss out on some of the most beautiful views because you’re obsessed with staying clean. Give your dress the best day that it deserves and don’t be afraid to have fun! I promise that I will probably get way more dirty than you, and you get to look all amazing while I look like a filthy drowned gutter rat! Deal?

how to elope in iceland. 6 tips for planning your best iceland elopement

#2 It’s Gonna Be Cold

Its ICEland. Its not warm, even in the summer. Even though its not usually covered in snow, its definitely not a tropical environment. With the ever-changing weather, you are probably going to be cold and wet at SOME point during your adventure. Its just inevitable. Bring a change of clothes, definitely a raincoat, a blanket, and bring a hot beverage! Wear boots under your dress instead of heels, and wear wool socks to stay as warm as possible. Leave the umbrella at home though, the high-speed winds will ruin that umbrella in minutes (trust me, I know. Rip cute pink umbrella).

6 tips on how to elope in iceland

#3 You’re Gonna Have to Be Flexible

Eloping or even adventuring in Iceland is not for the inflexible. Those who have to rigidly stick to their original plan no matter what will certainly struggle here. Iceland boasts an ever-changing weather climate, so the day that you might have wanted to explore the black sand beaches might be the day that rain and wind strong enough to rival a hurricane’s keeps you in your car. Being flexible will immensely enhance your experience! I recommend having a plan for the day, but also not being scared to change the plan last minute if the weather starts to change. Have a list of places that you want to go to for your elopement. First look at Skogafoss. Ceremony at the Iceberg Lagoon. Adventure at the black sand beach. But then come up with some backup plans. If you see that the weather is going to be terrible on the west side of the Iceland but the eastern side should be fair, don’t be scared to change the plan. The ENTIRETY of Iceland is GORGEOUS and you will not be disappointed wherever you go.

how to elope in Iceland?!

#4 Look Behind The Tourist Top 10

There’s going to be a lot of tourists in Iceland. That’s just how it goes. EVERYONE has seen Walter Mitty and has come to Iceland to see it for themselves. But here’s a secret: The majority of the people will only go to the top ten places. All of those travel lists that you can google? Yeah, that will dictate their trip, and if you plan your trip the same way, you will probably even see the same tourists over and over again. So look BEYOND the top ten. Look at forums online of people talking about the least crowded places on the island. The secret locations only locals know. And the paths that you can take from a crowded location to a private one in minutes. Often tourists will barely venture a few hundred feet from the parking lot, so if you leave the trail behind, you’ll also be leaving most of the crowds behind as well!

hows to elope in iceland

#5 Don’t forget the reason for your adventure

Its really easy to get distracted by the beauty of Iceland or capturing dope photos, but don’t forget the real reason why you are here! This isn’t just a cool photoshoot, its you guys making one of the biggest commitments of your life. You guys are getting MARRIED, so I like to make the whole day about THAT. Its so rare that a wedding will be just about two people getting married and you guys are getting the opportunity to do just that. So don’t rush through your vows just to get on with the sightseeing. Soak in the moment. Take a minute (or a lot of minutes) to really think and feel and make memories during the day. There will be plenty of time for photos. Remember the reason that we are doing this. Be ready to be amazed by the amazing landscapes and the stunning views, but don’t forget about the greatest adventure that you are starting on this little island: Marriage. You’re beginning one of life’s best adventures, and you’ve picked an amazing way to start it off!