Latourell Falls Elopement Photographer

Latourell Falls looks SO gorgeous in the Winter, and it was so fun to be able to see it in the snow! Danny + Jessica met a few years ago, and LOVED the idea of including a wolf in their bridals and it was the coolest thing meeting the fluffy guy! He was soooooo soft and friendly and so much fun to work with! We explored all over the trails and park and had the BEST time!

Latourell falls elopement photographer
Latourell falls elopement photographer by BreeAnna Lasher
Latourell falls elopement photography BreeAnna Lasher
columbia river gorge elopement breeanna-lasher
latourel falls at columbia river gorge elopement with wolf by BreeAnna Lasher
portland elopement with a wolf!
latourell falls elopement shoot with wolf
elopement at latourel falls state park with wolf dog photography
the greatest adventure wed elopement
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