Estes Park Adventure Engagement Photographer

So I hung out with Clancey and David super early in the morning in Estes Park, Colorado! We found a gorgeous secluded forest near Bear Lake and explored around there! The forecast had been promising rain, but PRAISE THE LORD, it was totally clear. Well, not clear, cloudy. BUT NOT RAINING! So I was pretty THRILLED about that! Overcast is actually my favorite type of weather to shoot in, (Probably the top reason why I live in the PNW!) and I'm always psyched when its cloudy and moody. Unluckily for me, it had been high 90's and clear all week long, but the WEEKEND was completely overcast and lovely. Thank you to whoever did a rain dance that week. I appreciate it.  

So Clancey and David actually met at the Walgreens where David worked. Clancey was running errands and stopped by the store on a day that David happened to be working. They hit it off immediately, and just felt a connection. Clancey says that David's energy and sense of humor drew him to David, and he fell in love with David's ability to make everyone laugh no matter the situation! Both of them are actually hilarious and it was so much fun hanging out with them! One of THE most romantic things that they told me about their relationship was when they were on a date and Clancey asked David where he saw himself in 5 years and David simply said "with you." AWHHHHHHHHHHHH. MY HEART. 
So they don't exactly have a traditional proposal story, they basically just mutually decided to get married and that they wanted to be together forever. So back in 2013, David and Clancey were on a date, lying in the grass, watching the stars. (much like this, I assume) LITERALLY SO ROMANTIC. And Clancey asked if they could just stay that way forever and David said YES. And right then they began talking about marriage and being together forever. SO SWEET!
I loved hanging out with these two! They literally are so cute together and have THE BEST chemistry. They obviously love each other, and they also love COLORADO, the beautiful state that we hung out in! Mostly because theres so much beauty to be found EVERYWHERE, and there's so much to do all in the same state! They love hiking and skiing together, and colorado is so perfect for all of that stuff!