PNW Engagement Session in the Forest By BreeAnna Lasher

Mariam and Kyle met many years ago through mutual friends. She was living with some roommates who were friends of Kyle's for three years before she even met him though! One night they had a big hangout at their house, and Kyle came! They met for the first time and immediately hit it off. They bonded over a mutual love for Game of Thrones, and Kyle stuck in a casual first date by bribing her to come over to his place and watch the first episode from season three with him. Mariam says that it was a mutual attraction but that she definitely let him make all the moves. She definitely fell for him pretty quickly though because of he was the most genuine person she had ever met. She loved his heart, and loved how full of kindness he was and much he cares about everyone!  (Awwwwwwh!) She realized that she could marry him when she saw him with her family. She said that he had so much respect for her family, and so much love for his own that she wanted to start their own family together! Family is super important to the two of them, and Mariam loved that Kyle shared that love with her!

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Kyle knew that he could marry Mariam, and had a huge plan to propose to her at a trip to Disney Land! The trip did NOT go as planned though, and Mariam got the flu and was sick and miserable the whole time! (ugh thats the worst) He revised the plan though and decided to propose in Bellingham, the city where they first met! (Awhhhhh!) He even had his sister hiding in the bushes with a video camera to capture it all! Isn't that the sweetest thing?! Definitely better than Disney land! At least they think so anyway! 

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We hung out all night in the forest, blazing trails and battling bugs. We discovered a huge tree in a field and it was as big as a house down there under the branches! (It even looked like a few homeless people had even made it their home heh heh) We hung out down there for a while, and then we wandered to the waterfront where sailboats were floating by. We watched a gorgeous sunset and enjoyed the peaceful waterfront. These guys are the absolute cutest, and I loved hanging out and exploring with them! 

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