New Hampshire Wedding Photographer/Cory + Karissa

Cory and Karissa met four years ago in Australia. He was from Arizona, she from New Hampshire. He had a crush on her for the better part of a year before they finally went out. Though they were CLEARLY meant to be, they didn't begin dating, but instead went back to their respective states and kept in touch. Somehow they found their way back to each other, and met again in Australia and continued their relationship. Long distance has been their fate for the past two years as they have bounced between countries and states and cities. Christmas day, Cory hid a ring behind Karissa's favorite Yoda ornament on the tree, and wrote a note for her to look for it. Behind the character was the most perfect ring she had ever seen, and when she turned back around, he was on his knee. These best friends are so great together, and I am so excited for the many adventures that they have ahead of them! 

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