Mountaintop Engagement Session// Yanbo and Fei

Yanbo and Fei met in kindergarten. She forgot her pencil one day, and, seeing that he had a whole box of pencils, asked Fei if she could borrow one. He promptly said no, and she proceeded  to not like him for the rest of the year. They went to the same school though, and were in the same friend group all growing up. When they were both trying to decide where to go to university in America, they began to reconnect and started chatting about school, and eventually they were inseparable. They have been planning their wedding for a while, but Fei never properly proposed, always saying that it would happen, but, as the date grew closer and closer, Yanbo began to doubt whether or not he would actually pop the question. They did pick out a ring together, though, and Yanbo wore it for the engagement photoshoot. For the photos, we hiked up to High Rock, and were greeted by an amazing view of Mt. Rainier. When we were shooting the photos, Yanbo and Fei were cuddling on the cliffs, watching the sun go down and when we were done, Fei requested that Yanbo take off the ring so he could put it safely back into the box. As soon as she returned it, he got down on one knee and told her that she was the girl that he would like to watch all of the sunsets with, and asked her to marry him. 

BreeAnna Lasher7 Comments