Wurzburg Love Session

I met Micah and Miriam in Wurzburg, Germany, and we explored the small town together. At one point, we reached a viewpoint that overlooked the city and we were so awestruck that we stared at in for a few minutes before taking any pictures. Micah and Miriam are from different sides of the world, Miriam growing up in Mexico while Micah grew up in Australia. They met in Australia for a discipleship training school, but didn't begin dating until they had been friends for a few years. These guys are  truly best friends, and you can tell by watching them how much they love each other. They have been traveling the world for the past 3 months, living out of backpacks, but so much time together hasn't made each other tire of the other's company and they still genuinely enjoy being together. Enjoy viewing these guys explore a bit of Wurzburg with me!